Terms & Conditions

Paint Tech Hamilton PTH, hereunder referred to as PTH and site management, hereunder referred to as ‘This Site’, shall be utilized according to the terms and conditions hereunder referred to as ‘Terms of Use’.

Any and all separate amendments shall become part of the original Terms of Use. Users must agree with all matters related to the Terms of Use in order to use this site. Furthermore, in the case of any conflicts or inconsistencies between the original Terms of Use and any amendments to the Terms of Use, the amended terms shall supersede those listed in the original Terms of Use. Otherwise, both the original Term of Use and the amended terms are applied at the same time.
1. Users
1.1 A user is defined as an individual who, in addition to agreeing with the Terms of Use, engages in the purchasing of items and services, hereafter referred to as ‘Products’, provided by the management of PTH.
1.2 Users provided a user ID by PTH for the purpose of making use of This Site shall adhere to both the Terms of Use and member agreement.
2. Sales Agreement
Users shall make purchases in accordance with the process established by PTH. A sales agreement shall be established by PTH’s acceptance of offers from users.
2.1 Users cannot invalidate purchase offers, before or after the completion of sale agreements,
2.2 PTH shall have the freedom to determine whether or not to accept applications from our users.
2.3 The user shall make payment with in the time period and by the method specified by PTH
2.4 The user cannot transfer terms of sales agreement with PTH to a third party, nor collateral liability.
2.5 PTH may cancel orders of items when stock is unavailable and have payment for said items refunded.
2.6 PTH reserves the right to cancel orders not paid for within the specified time period. PTH reserves the right to claim compensation for losses incurred due to cancellation of orders.
2.7 PTH reserves the right to terminate orders for any of the following reasons:
2.7.1 The user is a minor without approval of his or her parents.
2.7.2. The user has previously violated the Terms of Use.
2.7.3 The user has submitted false, inaccurate, or incomplete information at the time of registration.
2.7.4 The user fails to make payment.
2.7.5 The user has engaged in behavior which has been determined to interfere with the management and or operations of PTH, and any of it’s affiliates, subsidiaries, and partners, hereafter referred to as ‘Business Partners’.
2.7.6 The user has a history of rejections or returns of merchandise without a valid reason.
2.7.7 It is clear there has been a product pricing or labeling error.
2.7.8 PTH determines there is any other appropriate reason to cancel an order.
3. Delivery of Products
3.1 Delivery shall be made to destination countries and address as deemed appropriate by PTH
3.2 PTH, unless specifically approved by a third party, shall NOT take responsibility for displaying and unpacking of items, and collecting packing materials.
3.3 PTH reserves the right to determine the dates of delivery order, hence Product delivery dates shall not be determined by users.
3.4 The user cannot change the shipping address, unless the users have offered another address in advance.
4 Returns and Exchanges
Exchanges are accepted only when users comply with the following terms.
Besides, the products must be unopened, unused merchandise returned in its original packaging. Exchange items must arrive at PTH within eight days. Users may return or exchange items under the conditions listed below:
4.1 4.1.1 Items damaged during delivery.
4.1.2 Items the customer did not order arrive. (items the customer does not like are not included)
4.3 There are instances in which the customer may not be able to get a refund. However, pursuant to the preceding paragraph, under such circumstances it may be possible to exchange items, if PTH determines there is a valid reason. Should PTH determine a refund is in order, the customer will receive a refund for the cost of the products.
5. Notification of Changes
5.1 Notify PTH of any changes to your registration information without delay.
6. Handling of Private Information
Notifications and correspondence will be sent from PTH to the user according to the contact information provided by the user at the time of registration, and shall be deemed to have arrived within a normal time frame.
6.1 Privacy information
We use customer information for the following purposes.
6.1.1 General administration for customer information
6.1.2. Campaigns, and surveys
6.1.3. Simplification of customer registration, order processing, record keeping, etc.
6.1.4. Web site operation and customer notification of pertinent information (email, etc)
6.1.5. Third party merchandise advertising, promotion, and sales including via email
6.1.6. Delivery of mail magazine
6.1.7. Shipping of merchandise
6.1.8. Calculation of billing, fees, and claims handling
6.1.9. Publication of customer contributions and correspondence
6.1.10. Various inquires, after service, etc
6.1.11. Marketing development.
6.1.12 Business development related statistical analysis
6.2 In accordance with our privacy policy, we take any and all necessary steps to protect sensitive customer information from any and all unrelated third parties. However, customer information can be used under the following circumstances.
6.2.1 Receipt of customer consent
6.2.2. Under lawful information disclosure request relating to a formal criminal investigation, public inquiry, or legal proceeding carried out under the auspices of an official body such as the lawyers association, a consumer advocacy group, or other recognized agency with relevant and appropriate investigative authority.
6.2.3. Transfer of information to relevant enterprises involved in processing orders
6.2.4. When necessary for processing a delivery of orders
6.2.5. To expedite cash on delivery payment
6.2.6. To carry out business operations in whole or in part with third party affiliates.
6.2.7. Due to sale or transfer of business operations to new management.
6.2.8. As required under the Personal Information Protection Law.
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7 Prohibited Activities
The followings are prohibited on This Site:
7.1.1 Use of This Site for illegal purposes or activities.
7.1.2 Violation of copyrights, design rights, patents, and other intellectual property rights associated with PTH, it’s affiliates, and Business Partners
7.1.3 Violation of impaired credit or privacy of PTH, Business Partners, or any other third parties.
7.1.4 Any activities linked with crime or fraud.
7.1.5 Third party impersonation and use of This Site
7.1.6 Use or transmission of malignant software or virus on This Site
7.1.7 Falsification or deletion of information on PTH, third party user or Business Partner.
7.1.8 Use of this site for the purposes of disrupting the facilites and operations of PTH, Business Partners, or third party users.
7.1.9 Any acts disruptive to public order or in violation of civic code.
7.1.10 Any acts to interfere with operation of this site.
7.1.11 Any and all other behavior deemed inappropriate
PTH reserves the right to pursue legal claims against any users found to be in violation of the aforementioned terms.
8. Our Area of Responsibility
8.1 PTH shall indemnify a direct loss which is received by users, not to exceed the sales price of the products, only when the damage is obviously liable to PTH, or the damage is a hidden defect.
8.2 PTH will take all necessary precautions, but cannot guarantee total protection of users of This Site from malignant software or viruses.
8.3 PTH cannot guarantee the software and functions of This Site will perform adequately for the individual user
8.4 PTH is not liable for any fees incurred by the user when using This Site.
8.5 PTH shall incur no liability to compensate users for damage claims or legal fees related to the aforementioned occurrences, nor any other claim to which PTH is causally, or indirectly related.
Procedure to buy through the page
1. To put items in your shopping cart, click on ‘Add to Cart’, or go to the top page and select the item. To continue your shopping, clicking on ‘Add to Cart’
The shopping cart doesn’t have a limit to the number of items it can contain.
2. To order the items, go to your cart and then click on to ‘Order’.
3. Prior to your purchase, user registration is required. Those who have signed in before can log in and continue shopping, those who have not, please sign in.
4. The prices on this site do not include shipping fee. Check your delivery address carefully and click on to ‘Order’.
5. Check the ‘Total Cost’, then select your payment method, and then click on to ‘Order’
6. When the confirmation page appears, check your purchase details and click ‘Confirmation’.
Your order is confirmed.
7. You are to be informed of the total cost including shipping fee by email from us in approximately 1-2 days. Please check the total cost on the email and pay the amount. For those who select direct debit, the amount should be sent to our account
Once the payment, or receipt of other payment types are confirmed, the product will be sent in a timely manner.
9. Should any issues arise, please do not hesitate to contact us.