Privacy Policy

We use customer information for the following purposes.

1. General administration for customer information
2. Campaigns, and surveys
3. Simplification of customer registration, order processing, record keeping, etc.
4. Website operation and customer notification of pertinent information (email, etc)
5. Third party merchandise advertising, promotion, and sales including via email
6. Delivery of mail magazine
7. Shipping of merchandise
8. Calculation of billing, fees, and claims handling
9. Publication of customer contributions and correspondence 
10. Various inquires, after service, etc
11. Marketing development
12. Business development related statistical analysis

In accordance with our privacy policy, we take any and all necessary steps to protect sensitive customer information from any and all unrelated third parties.  However, customer information can be used under the following circumstances.
1. Receipt of customer consent
2. Under lawful information disclosure request relating to a formal criminal investigation, public inquiry, or legal proceeding carried out under the auspices of an official body such as the lawyers association, a consumer advocacy group, or other recognized agency with relevant and appropriate investigative authority.
3. Transfer of information to relevant enterprises involved in processing orders
4. When necessary for processing a delivery of orders
5. To expedite cash on delivery payment
6.  To carry out business operations in whole or in part with third party affiliates.
7.  Due to sale or transfer of business operations to new management.
8.  As required under the Personal Information Protection Law.
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