Elastomeric Paint – Subflex 5000


Technical Data Sheets

Don’t waste time and money on standard paint for your brick and block walls that will let in moisture, crack and fall off! Subflex 5000 is a flexible single package water based PU modified membrane coating. It is formulated for shower recesses, bathrooms, laundries, decks, balconies, and light foot traffic roofs.

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Subflex 5000 is a pigmented liquid elastomeric membrane coating, designed for application to all types of masonry and bitumastic roofs and walls, possessing high water and UV resistance. It is also suitable for waterproofing shower recesses, bathrooms, balconies and light foot traffic roofs.

Subflex 10L 5000 Extreme barrier paint is also great for those wet areas like the bathroom and laundry, the Basement and rumpus room.

It’s the Eco Friendly way to paint your block and brick walls around the house, farm or workshop while keeping the dollars down.
It’s an ultra thick heavy duty latex membrane which will outlast most paints when constantly bombarded by the water and high pressure hoses, mould and moisture