Rust Converter & Primer – 500ml


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Rust Converter & Primer for Ferrous Metals

Non toxic.
Anti-Bleed formula.
Water based.
Environmentally friendly formula.
No need for another primer.
Converts Rust into sound paintable surface.
Paint with water based or oil based paints.

Uses: Rustcon may be used on all rusted ferrous metals such as wrought, steelwork, pipes, marine and industrial structures.

Converts ferrous rust to a stable paint surface.
Seals and creates a surface and long lasting barrier against further corrosion.
When dry it may be over coated with water based or solvent based paints.
Fast and effective.
Easy to use.

Coverage – 8-10 Square metres per Litre depending on texture of surface.
Drying – Touch dry in 30 minutes.
Overcoat – in 2 hours depending on temperature and humidity.

Example of Uses: Wrought Iron furniture and fences, lawnmowers, mailboxes, fishing equipment, steel railings, wheelbarrows, doors and windows etc.

Rustcon is a clear emulsion which efficiently converts ferrous rust to magnetite, effectively stopping further corrosion, while sealing the surface with a film of resin having very low permeability to water vapor and air. It therefore forms an excellent primer coat for water-borne or solvent-borne exterior decorative and industrial coating systems.