Wagner Trade Tip 3 Fine Finish Spray Tip With Free Optimal Gun Filter


All Trade Tip 3 Fine Finish Tips come with a free filter that is the optimal filter for that tip, no more guesswork.

Distinctive purple colour.

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The latest nozzle technology for first class finish and superior durability.

Perfect spray pattern with superior atomization especially at low pressures.

The Trade Tip 3 Fine Finish Tips are designed for spraying waterbased enamels, urethanes, lacquers, clear top coats and stains.

Great for spraying doors, frames cabinets, furniture, kitchens etc.

Ease of use, precision technology and long life quality of the nozzle core ensure the highest quality surface finish. It offers a broad spectrum of uses for the application of paints, primers, emulsions, flame proofing and corrosion protection, right up to airless spraying plasters. TradeTip 3 is available in Standard, Fine Finish, Line Finish and Wide Finish.

The nozzle core is made of tungsten carbide, a high grade hard metal alloy, and is thus extremely durable. For the Trade Tip 3 nozzles, this means: a wear resistant nozzle bore with a long lasting constant spray angle. Our nozzles are manufactured with the greatest precision. In-house manufacturing process controlled from the raw material right up to the finished nozzle ensures the highest quality, and guarantees defined spraying widths and spraying angles.

Features include clear indication of the spraying direction or cleaning position by the arrow symbol, large handle surface for ease of use even when wearing gloves, high quality finished surface for low friction, wear-free rotation of the nozzle, tapered lead chamber for a quick, precise nozzle change, easy changing and insertion of the double seal thanks to the integral tool and height limit and stop angle for a precise nozzle position.